Party Panning Tip #6: Let the Guests Mingle, but Not The Food & Drinks

As my dad always reminds, party flow is the game-changer. Turns out our frat house of a house is perfect for facilitating party flow. Hence, why I probably call it a frat house. Hodgepodge furniture that no one owns is a major plus—you never have to worry about drink spillage or people wiping frosting on pillows. If you don’t have the ample space and old furniture of a frat house, there are a few things you can do to improve the flow of your house party:

  • Don’t put drinks and food on the same table. Leave beer in the fridge, but keep the mixers out on ice right next to the liquor it is meant to soften.
  • Arrange smaller groups of seats for people to have more intimate conversations…
  • But leave plenty of common space for people to mingle before settling on a place to sit and relax.
  • Keep tables away from doorways and hallways—clogging increases the likelihood people will bump into each other and spill.

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