Party Planning: 6 Tips for Stress-Free Fun

I love hosting a good party.

I don’t love the self-created stress to get the essential elements of a party “right” to provide for the maximum enjoyment of my guests. These elements of a party include: snacks,  play list, guest list, decorations, libations, and—the most important element as taught to me by my father—flow, i.e., the organization of the house and placement of food, drinks, and seating to encourage the natural movement of the guests.

The stress doesn’t boil and burst until the party begins; until the moment I realize that the days I’ve spent cleaning and the hours I’ve spent crafting the optimal playlist to fit the vibe of the party may not mean much to my guests. Example of an #epicfail: purchasing a keg of Bud Light for a mostly girl-attended party…for Cinco de Mayo. There’s a lot wrong with this short sentence.

  • First, Bud Light keg on Cinco de Mayo? Talk about not nailing the theme.
  • Second, a keg for 20 skinny girls who like Tequila and white wine? Talk about not understanding my audience. (Thanks CEC for the lingo😉 )

Transporting an untapped keg without a car or manpower to the party was difficult; transporting a nearly full keg back to the Barrel House was just as difficult, but now embarrassing.

To my utter shock, hosting a house party doesn’t HAVE to involve stressful planning and frantic execution. I realized this over the weekend as my roomie and I hosted a birthday pregame for his 23rd birthday. It was simple. It was low-key. It was, really, perfect. Here’s what I learned to help you make your next party a stress-free success:

  1. Nix Snacks, Add a Cake
  2. Skip the iPod Play List
  3. Leave the Decorating & Party Favors for the Kids
  4. Friends of Friends Add Spice
  5. Buy Good Chasers, Not Good Alcohol
  6. Let The Guests Mingle, But Not The Food & Drinks

Parties are fun, not stressful, silly. Just prepare enough, but not too much. Most importantly, prepare the mind to go with the flow and flex to the unpredictability that makes a good party great. And if things get really stressful, try a shot of Tequila and belt out “Bad Romance”–always works for me.

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