Party Planning Tip #4: Leave the Decorating & Party Favors for the Kids

The decorations? There weren’t any despite the begging birthdays do for balloons and party hats. Granted some themed parties do require and benefit from decking the halls. Usually, however these cute touches take time, creativity, and money and are underappreciated by the guests. Take Halloween ’08 as a cautionary tale.

Halloween can easily be overdone. I strategically placed bat and witch temporary tattoos, glow stick bracelets, and pumpkins overflowing with candy throughout the apartment. I woke up the next morning to forearms and cheeks covered in smudges of black, purple, orange and green. My wrists glowed neon in the darkness of my alley-facing bedroom; candy wrappers littered my bed and I stumbled over three full pumpkins as I went to assess the damage in the kitchen and living room. As expected, the liquor was drained; the fridge barren.

Lesson learned: people want booze. And maybe some mood lighting with soft candle glow. They don’t need party favors to remind them of failed childhood parties.

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